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    Loan Process

The L&J Golf team does not stop with our expertise in club management, members of our team also have decades in the lending space. With access to both private and institutional capital, we can get financing for clubs that simply cannot be done through traditional banking channels.

We strive to make our loan process as streamlined and as efficient as possible. Because we conduct our own due diligence process and make our own loan decisions, we can execute creative programs quickly. Some of the stages of the loan process that you can expect are:

Loan Request

You can submit your initial inquiry online, including preliminary information about your facility and your debt needs. L & J pre-screens requests on a weekly basis and will respond to your request within seven days.

Loan Application

You will be asked to provide further details about your operation and the funding you are requesting.

Due Diligence

You will be asked to complete various forms about your construction project and/or business operation and submit supporting documentation to aid in the due diligence review.

Analysis and Review

The L & J team will review your loan application and due diligence package materials based upon the L & J Underwriting Criteria.

Inspection of Facility

A L & J representative will visit your facility. This review will encompass market, management and operating conditions.

Comprehensive Report

The due diligence team will prepare a report to submit to the Loan Committee for approval. This report will include details of the facility inspection, as well as the full due diligence package including a Summary evaluation regarding the loan’s strengths and weaknesses

Formal Loan Review

Utilizing the comprehensive report, the Loan Committee renders a decision.

Loan Commitment

If approved, you will receive further documentation, including all general loan covenants, requests for additional submissions required prior to Closing, and special articles for remediation according to the Loan Committee’s comments.

Loan Closing

This is the final acceptance of commitment terms through the execution of loan documents, and funding of the loan.

Loan Monitoring & Servicing

We typically hold and service all our loans so you will continue to have direct contact with your L & J lender. Monitoring includes the review of cash flow and other general compliance procedures during operating periods. If there is a construction component to the loan, the process will also include reviewing monthly construction draw requests as well as monitoring the physical process of construction. Annual inspections of operations will be conducted.


Because L & J Acquisitions understands the business of golf, we know how to value facilities realistically. We assess the real risks of a golf course, making loans based upon cash flow from operations as well as land value. Because we know the nuances of golf course operations and make our own loan commitment decisions, we can execute programs more quickly and with greater flexibility than traditional lenders or larger institutions.